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Make a Visa Appointment

Visa Appointments



When to Apply

We recommend that all NIV applicants make their appointment early and interview as far in advance of their planned travel as possible. Applying early will ensure that we have time to conduct your interview, review your application, and determine whether we can issue you a visa.

The majority of visas can be processed in several days; however, some visa applications require additional administrative processing. Administrative processing for NIV applicants is currently taking about two to four weeks, and at times it can take longer.

Applying as early as possible will help ensure that we have plenty of time to schedule your appointment, conduct your interview, review your application, and determine whether we can issue a visa.  Thank you for your cooperation, and for your interest in visiting our country.

Appointments Through the Call Center

Beginning November 15th, applicants making visa interview appointments via the Call Center must provide the customer service representative with their CITIC Bank visa application fee receipt number, which can be identified as the red number in the top right-hand corner of the receipt.  When the visa applicant calls to make an appointment, he or she will be asked for identifying information, such as name, passport number, and the fee receipt number.  They will then be given an appointment day and time at the U.S.  Embassy or Consulate of their choice.  Please note that the visa fee must be paid at any branch of CITIC Bank before making an appointment, and that fee receipts are not transferable or refundable. For further information regarding fees, please visit this page or this page.

To make an NIV interview appointment, call the appointment Call Center at 4008-872-333.  There is a fee of RMB 54 per 12 minutes to access the Call Center, and most calls take less than 12 minutes. There are two methods of payment:

  • CITIC Bank:  Applicants may purchase Call Center calling cards directly from CITIC Bank at the time application fees are paid.
  • Internet using credit or debit card: Payment can be made by entering the credit/debit card number when logging on to

To book an appointment from the United States, please call (86-21) 3881-4611.

Appointment availability varies based on current visa demand and staffing availability.  Current wait-times for appointments in Chengdu can be found on the State Department’s Travel Website.

Emergency Appointments

Under certain emergency circumstances applicants who cannot wait for a normal visa interview appointment may request an expedited appointment.  Valid reasons may include:

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Emergency business travel
  • Family emergencies (such as death)
  • Other emergencies (such as appearance in a U.S. court)

To request an expedited appointment, make an appointment through the Call Center and then send an email to  requesting that your appointment be expedited.

please include the appointment information in your email:

  • Your full name (in both pinyin and Chinese characters),
  • Your Passport number,
  • Your date of birth,
  • A local contact phone number,
  • Your appointment number from the call center (you must have an existing appointment before we can help you expedite it and we can only process the appointment scheduled with Chengdu Consulate),
  • Your appointment time from the call center, and
  • A compelling reason as to why your appointment must be moved forward.

Please send either an email or a fax—not both. We normally respond to email inquiries within 3 business days. We will respond to faxed requests for expedited appointments, only if we are able to grant the request.

Help Us Fight Visa Fraud

  • If you have information concerning any type of visa fraud, please contact the Consular Section Fraud Prevention Unit by e-mail at